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august fairy tail child

While speaking to Mavis, Zeref thought of a future meeting with his brother now that the latter had gotten stronger. Later at unknown location, Zeref ominously remarks that Natsu has to try and surpass him while calling the dragon slayer "Etherious Natsu Dragneel" revealing that Natsu is E.N.D. Wounded and laying on the ground, Invel reveals to a shocked Gray that Natsu is E.N.D as well going on to reveal the demon's status as Zeref's brother and giving him information about the demons. Regular Form Occupation As this happens, Zeref notes of strange magic presence before being teleported to Fairy Tail by one of his shield of Spriggan, Irene Belserion placing him in the same area as Fairy Heart (Mavis). Grays says that if Natsu defeats Zeref he would die which Zeref confirms by saying victory or defeat; either way Natsu will die which is his destiny. Fairy Tail With that, he regains his reason as his partially transformed body turns back to normal causing him to slowly lose consciousness but he is caught by Lucy. Quote More History; Done. Natsu then turns to an awaken Mavis for finishing Zeref and she confirms that she'll do her best as Natsu goes to see his friends thinking they'd be worried. Zeref then became aware of the plan hatched by Igneel, Metalicana, Grandeeney, Weisslogia and Skiadrum to use the Dragon Soul Technique to seal their damaged souls inside young Dragon Slayers that they have raised and travel to the future, where the Ethernano-dense air would help them recover enough to kill Acnologia. Larcade's enemies express a pleasured look of pain but before he can get rid of any enemies he is halted when Zeref (also under the affect of Larcade's magic) telepathically contacts. However, an enraged Gray (having been saved by Juvia) arrives and brutally attacks before defeating Invel for his vile actions. However, Gray tells Zeref he will defeat him but Zeref states it is impossible as he is immortal though does state if he does then Natsu will die. Natsu and Zeref continue with their battle with Zeref going mad with Natsu's steady progress stating the two would destroy each other while continuing to call him E.N.D. However one day, while collecting herbs Zeref stumbled across the Fire Dragon King Igneel who unlike most dragons had no problems associating with humans. She generally keeps it down, but will occasionally put it up in a ponytail. Making no attempt to defend himself, Zeref revealed one more thing if he dies then so will Natsu as he is his creation. Invel internally states his intention of molding Gray into a warrior capable of defeating E.N.D due to believing it is the only thing standing in Zeref's way of his ultimate goal. Happy notes on how it belongs to Natsu as Mavis tells them that when Natsu defeats Zeref she will erase the black wizard and at the moment they will save Natsu through unknown means. Natsu and his group soon meet Brandish and shrunken Dimaria who expresses her fear of Natsu as he states his lack recollection on the beating he gave her. Yukino and Lector note on how Zeref and Larcade have the same the last name as Natsu before he reveals to them that Natsu is his "father's" younger brother thereby making him larcade's "uncle" which greatly shocks them. As Zeref and Gray stare each other down, the black mage revealed that he is fully aware of Gray being best friends with his brother and of his tragic past caused by one of his demons. before Gray states that he held a grudge against E.N.D for the pain he went through but realized it was pointless stating no matter what Natsu was his friend. At Fairy Tail, Larcade writhes on the ground in pain at his wound while still calling Zeref his father as the latter tells him to cease calling him that stating once more what Larcade is to him a demon he created from a book. After a series of events, he was successful in reforming the Guild. Natsu then battled Zeref while using the power he inherited from Igneel managing to overwhelm Zeref. Well looks like the new chapter came out early.. A special edition of Fairy Tail Thoughts brings you Fairy Tail Chapter 526 Review! He then asks Gildarts, what happens if the Spriggan 12 member kills Cana, which angers the Fairy Tail member and makes the latter attack him, despite Cana saying August was tricking, which he blocks. Zeref tells Natsu his full name is Zeref Dragneel and states he is Natsu's older brother. This caused Zeref, the only survivor to become a student at the Mildian Magic Academy, where he researched the connections between life, death and Magic to revive his brother. Natsu is soon healed by a Shield of Spriggan named Brandish who shrinks his tumor down to a size where it won't affect him. Fairy Tail Couples Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. While Natsu was sent to the future, Zeref lived out the four hundred years awaiting his brother's arrival and would meet young girl by the name of Mavis. Igneel entrusted a protesting Natsu with procuring the book of E.N.D. Zeref then pierces Natsu through the chest telling the downed Natsu that Makarov was already dead and bids his crying defeated brother farewell. Origin After Sting achieves White Shadow Dragon Mode, he tells Larcade that he's been following Natsu for years and right now he is standing in his way as the latter states he will kill Natsu while calling Sting a weakling who can't stand up to him. Natsu was shocked at Zeref's actions as was Larcade who is sent crashing to the ground. Critically wounded Larcade questions Zeref's reason for attacking him, Zeref stomps on Larcade's wound while stating he has no child and reveals that Larcade is really a demon from the book of Zeref who was given the last name Dragneel due to him being the strongest of Zeref's attempts in creating E.N.D. Zeref is surprised Gray would use this spell but states it will only freeze him as Gray states killing him would mean Natsu's death so he came up with a strategy that won't endanger his friend. In a flashback to when Mavis's body was placed in a lacrima, Precht is confused by the fact that Mavis' body still contained life and was conflicted over whether he should kill it or let it live before he ultimately decided to allow it to live. Natsu berates Gray for his second attempt at the Iced Shell as Gray says his recent actions state he doesn't belong in the guild as Natsu states his own actions are no better while asking Gray if they are friends. In reality, the real Sting saves Yukino and the others from Larcade and angrily comments on how he smells similar to Natsu as Larcade smirks at this. Natsu's journey to the future also led to many rumors about E.N.D. This revelation makes August, Natsu's real nephew likely explaining why he recognized his uncle. Zeref realizes someone was writing in the book of E.N.D. The battle now over, Natsu bids his older brother farewell and leaves the guild as Zeref looks on at Mavis. At the Fairy Tail Guild, Zeref remarks that Universe One is wearing off and Fiore would go back to its original state. Zeref admits that Natsu is right before calling him E.N.D. Realizing his error, Larcade quickly stops his spell before he is confronted by Yukino who attempts to attack him because of his magic causing her sister to faint but Larcade subdues her and uses his magic on her before she is saved by Kagura. As Zeref binds Natsu, Mavis appears and Zeref grins that he will complete his plan after all while Natsu burns away Zeref's magic entering dragon force as Zeref smiles at this new development. Natsu is soon taken away by Brandish while Invel forces Gray and Juvia to fight to the death. An injured Natsu was forced to listen as Zeref explained everything: he and Igneel were friends, Zeref allowed Igneel to raise Natsu and Natsu was sent to the future through the Eclipse Gate along with Gajeel, Wendy, Sting and Rogue to help their dragon parents defeat Acnologia. As he watches the two of them leave, Zeref tearfully states that Natsu is no longer capable of stopping him now that the last bit of Igneel's power has disappeared and bids his brother farewell.

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