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belarus religion

On this day, the Belarusians visit the graveyards to honor the memory of relatives and close friends. In all, there are 1159 Orthodox Churches in Belarus and at the present time there are over 180 churches under construction. Until the 10th century, paganism was the only religion in the Belarusian lands.

In Belarus, paganism has had a certain impact on the Christian ritual, which is manifested in the preservation of some pagan holidays: Dzyadi, Radunitsa, Koliada, Ivan Kupala, seeing off Winter, etc., as well as other pagan holidays. At the end of the 10th century, Christianity came from Byzantium, and already in the first half of the 11th century, Sophia Cathedral was built in Polotsk, Novgorod and Kiev. g4 GmbH Its painters combined ancient traditions with new elements in their works. Since the end of the 80s of the 20th century, there has been an increase in the number of people who identified as pagans, and the greatest development had Rodnoverie. One of the first churches was built in Grodno in the 12-13th centuries. Evangelical Lutheran Church | Photo: Anna Kovaliova. While the Belarusian Orthodox Church and Roman Catholic Church account for roughly 94 percent of those who profess a religious faith (80% and 14% respectively), there are remnants of the the Protestant Church, Islam and Judaism as well. Unfortunately, annexation of Belarusian lands to the Russian empire meant liquidation of the Uniate Church, but it may happen that people will recall it now when the Orthodoxy and Catholicism are seeking the ways to reconciliation. It is estimated that there are 2,000 Belarusian United Catholics living in the diaspora today, with congregations in London, Rome, Prague, Warsaw, Kaliningrad and Chicago. Basically the Old Believers have retained religious traditions in the same form as they were at the time when the Kiever Rus was formed in 988. A further ten congregations could not be registered yet, on account of certain peculiarities of the Belarusian legal system. It is difficult to ascertain how many Old Believers live in Belarus, as many conceal their religion or live in remote areas. Below are some of the most important religious festivals in the Orthodox Church: Mariä-Schutz Church in Grodno | Photo: Benny Reiter. Lingering Soviet policies toward religious freedom still exist in the independent Belarus. Au Bélarus sont liés les traditions de l’Est et de l’Ouest, et chaque religion a laissé une trace matérielle et spirituelle dans ces lieux. They did not accept the reforms and innovations introduced by the Orthodox Patriarch Nikon and distanced themselves from them demonstratively. According to the 2011 census, Eastern Orthodox Christianity is the … In the western lands of Belarus, Christianity has long neighbored with paganism. Also today, there are several religious organizations that position themselves as the Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, but they operate outside the country. ELCROS rejected this completely. Before 1917 Belorussia had 2,466 religious communities, including 1,650 Orthodox, 127 Roman Catholic, 657 Jewish, thirtytwo Protestant, and several Muslim communities. Apart from the Catholic (December 25) and Orthodox (January 7) Christmas, there is also a special religious day in the Republic of Belarus ─ the ninth day after Orthodox Christmas. Today, Orthodoxy is the most widespread denomination in the country. À la disposition des communes on compte 10 édifices religieuses (y compris la synagogue à Minsk, dont la reconstruction a été achevée en 2010). There were various subdivisions and ramifications in the confession, but differences faded in the course of time. However, many congregations wanted to remain independent and founded the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Republic of Belarus together. Orthodoxy is the most widespread religion in Belarus. 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Afrique du Sud - Pretoria (Ambassade), Egypte - Le Caire (Ambassade), Kenya - Nairobi (Ambassade), Nigéria - Abuja (Ambassade), Argentine - Buenos-Aires (Ambassade), Brésil - Brasilia (Ambassade), Canada - Ottawa (Ambassade), Cuba - La Havane (Ambassade), Equateur - Quito (Ambassade), Etats-Unis - New York (Consulat général), Etats-Unis - Washington (Ambassade), Venezuela - Caracas (Ambassade), Pakistan - Islamabad (Ambassade), Qatar - Doha (Ambassade), Arménie - Erevan (Ambassade), Azerbaïdjan - Bakou (Ambassade), Chine - Beijing (Ambassade), Chine - Shanghai (Consulat général), Corée - Séoul (Ambassade), E.A.U. According to the data of the population census, the number of Jews in Belarus is decreasing: if in 1979 there were about 135 thousand of them, then in 2009 their number decreased by 10 times and amounted to 13 thousand people. Parmi les croyants près de 82,5% de la population s’identifie à l'orthodoxie, au catholicisme — 12,5%, au protestantisme — environ 2%, au judaïsme, au bouddhisme et d'autres — environ 4%. By the way, it is namely Belarus that has a unique experience in the world practice — Uniate Church when the Orthodox Church recognized the supremacy of the Pope of Rome and catholic dogmas, yet preserved its own rituality and structural organization. In 1791, Old Believers accounted for 4% of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Their main concern was to preserve the faith of their forebears. The same tolerance was displayed in respect to other religions that existed in Belarus — Judaism and Islam.Nowadays approximately 70% of the population consider themselves orthodox, — catholic and 2% — protestant. 2 communautés religieuses sont enregistrées. Please feel free to consult us from Monday to Friday, Orthodox wooden church | Photo: Benny Reiter, Belarusian National Cuisine and Most Popular Recipes, Key Belarusian Cultural Events and Festivals, Belarusian Literature – Famous Authors and Their Masterpieces, Significant Events in the History of Belarus, Duchy of Polotsk – History and Interesting Facts, Belarus During the Times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, The History of Belarus in Times of Rzeczpospolita, Polish period, The Relation Between Belarus and the Russian Empire, The History of Belarus as a Part of the Soviet Union, Maly Trostinets, One of the Largest Belarus Extermination Camps, Belarus and White Russia: How the two are related, Minsk – the History of the Belarusian Capital, Brest – Western Capital of Belarus. History and Interesting Facts, Old Believers only acknowledge the eight-pointed cross. Subsequently, other principalities also converted to the Byzantine Orthodox Church. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Dans la République du Bélarus on a enregistré 33 communautés religieuses des vieux-croyants,  et les  croyants possèdent 28 lieux de culte. Parmi les croyants près de 82,5% de la population s’identifie à l'orthodoxie, au catholicisme — 12,5%, au protestantisme — environ 2%, au judaïsme, au … Le judaïsme est représenté par 53 communautés appartenant aux trois directions (orthodoxe, hessed-lubavitch, progressive). En date du 1 Janvier 2012, dans la République du Bélarus on compte 479 paroisses réunies dans 4 diocèses, il y a 11 missions catholiques romaines et 9 associations monastiques. Orthodoxy ─ the most common religion, which is the largest and oldest Christian faith in Belarus. According to the number of registered communities, the interface balance is as follows: Orthodox–1567 (49%); Pentecostals–512 (16%); Roman Catholics–479 (15%); Baptists–286 (9%); Adventists–73 (2%); and Charismatics–55 (2%). What is the difference between the Orthodox Church and Old Believers today? L'une des principales réalisations de l'État bélarussien  est une calme et paisible situation ethno-confessionnelle dans le pays au cours  de nombreux dernières décennies. According to January 2007 census figures from the Office of the Plenipotentiary Representative for Religious and Nationality Affairs (OPRRNA), the breakdown of religious faith in Belarus is as follows. Orthodox is the principal religion of Belarus.

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