24 października, 2020

chanbaek analysis

Genre : fluff, enemiestolovers, romance, allthingscute. But in melon awards when Baekhyun asked “do you like me?” Remember what I said about apartment buildings often having the same features throughout, as its cheaper, cleaner looking, and simpler? Now pay attention to Baekhyun in the gif below. - Jongdae, like the professional he is, manages to thoroughly warp Kyungsoo around his fingers. When struggling with the identity of your sexuality preference, you would go all out to make sure it’s really what you prefer or if it’s not just a phase. Never with me”, they said.

Remind me again why I love my girls so much? You can also see more of the layout of the room - how the door is adjacent to the bed, the closet right in front, and the big window and arm chair is now obviously to the right. Earlier this year, Chanyeol did a few instagram livestreams in his bedroom (as pictured below).

Summary : Byun Baekhyun, a childh prodigy with an IQ of 287 and Park Chanyeol (let’s not mention his two digit IQ) used to be neighbours until some suited white men showed up at the doorstep of the Byun’s one fine day and took Baekhyun with them to a ‘school of gifted' in the West.

Baekhyun out there reeeeally feelin’ the touch. Now I know you guys have already seen this about a couple of hundred times by now. -Also, Byun Baekhyun’s nerve-wracking almost-encounter with Park Chanyeol in the shower. Yay! ‘Cause I have lol but anyways that’s not the point. The other verryyyy interesting part of this video is how there’s noises of someone moving around (in Baekhyun’s supposedly solo home) - shutting doors, turning on the shower - even talking!

Once again, thank you for all the support thus far, I love you all ♥ See you next time ! Chanbaek spanking-event-analysis: Now I know you guys have already seen this about a couple of hundred times by now.

It’s probably in a spare room in the apartment - most likely while he’s building a full functioning one in the apartment. I was watching EXO’s recent interview on iHeartRadio and during the moment Chanyeol was bragging about Chen’s birthday gift to him, saying how he was the only one of the members who got him something for his birthday, I noticed that Baekhyun’s and Suho’s reactions were a … I’m not gonna lie when I say I have gone full on FBI on their asses lol cuz I have. “I can only see Chan with Baek. Now Ima skin toward 2014 close to BY scandal only cuz I know I’ve written a lot. I’m pretty sure every chanbaekist has heard of the legendary wall! I think BH saw the chance at making sure he wasn’t just questioning for absolutely no reason and test it out by doing the absolute most.

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