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chateau petrus visit

Ownership: Jean-Francois Moueix.

Pruning is almost an obsession with him: it’s the foundation of the wine, the reason he can be non-interventionist in the winery. Cabernet Franc, planted on gravel and fine clay, contributes rigor and complexity, while a small percentage of Petit Verdot, planted on fine gravel, offers a hint of spice to the finish. It should be noted that visits to La Fleur-Pétrus are not open to the general public, which is not uncommon in the Pomerol appellation. Jahrhunderts, als die Familie Arnaud die Rebflächen anlegte. We need a younger team, which has already been named. ‘I am enthusiastic, but being Decanter Man of the Year already has a feeling of the past. To have been in charge from 1970 to 2008 is plenty of years. Jahrhunderts galt Pétrus als die Nummer 3 in Pomerol hinter Vieux Certan und Trotanoy.

(When he stayed with Hugh Johnson once, he arrived wearing an Hermès tie with frogs on it. Es erzeugt den Rotwein Pétrus, einen der angesehensten und teuersten Weine der Welt. He’s so charming, so generous with his time, so amused and amusing that he feels like an old friend – yet when I count up what I have actually learned about him, it doesn’t amount to much. In fact, I hadn’t realised until Elisabeth pointed out that the vines of Pétrus are planted in the direction of the slope, which means that on one side, the rows of vines are planted north-south, while on its adjacent plot, they are aligned east-west.

Thus, there is a bit less new oak used here compared to many other top properties in Bordeaux. Says Moueix, ‘Michel Rolland has said that if he had my terroirs he would probably make wines like me, but he is called in like a doctor, and told to make the best wine possible.’ Which still leaves Moueix as the leader of the traditionalist end of Bordeaux, a position with which he says he is comfortable. Too easy. In Jahren, in denen die Kritiker den Weinen Höchstnoten geben, können die Flaschenpreise bei über mehreren Tausend Euro liegen, selbst in schlechteren Jahren kostet eine Flasche selten weniger als einige hundert Euro. ( Log Out /  Christian Moueix of Chateau Petrus – Decanter Man of the Year Margaret Rand April 11 ... It’s a way to escape, the best time of my day.’ He and Cherise visit six times a year, for a week at a time, and he closely follows the harvest and takes all the major decisions. This historic estate, situated exclusively on the plateau, was named in the 18th century for its position across the localities ‘Petrus’ and ‘La Fleur’. A map located at La Fleur-Pétrus displays the famed Pomerol plateau and the location of the Moueix-owned properties (La Fleur-Pétrus among them). Dieses geologische Knopfloch umfasst 20 ha, wovon 11 ha auf Pétrus entfallen. I hope to make a great wine one day. Order online, pick up in store, or enjoy local delivery. The most desirable plots possess both the highest elevations and the most efficient drainage since irrigation is not allowed in Bordeaux.

Pomerol. The wine combines a unique elegance with the generosity and structure typical of the great vineyards of Pomerol. ‘My wish is that by the end of 2008 I will put some distance between myself and Pétrus,’ says Moueix. Quickly after, he purchased Château Trotanoy in 1953. And it’s not that simple… appellations can vary from one region to another and sometimes even from one territory to another. https://www.decanter.com/wine-news/michel-rolland-wine-consultant-handover-plan-437619/. He’s often right. Petrus is not actually a 'chateau' per se, although it is often referred to as such. Nach dem Tod von Loubat 1961 verkauften die Erben nach und nach an Moueix, der die besten 4,5 ha des benachbarten Château Gazin mit Pétrus vereinigte und damit die heutige Rebfläche erreichte.[3]. Im Weingut Pétrus wird eine selektive, manuelle Traubenlese betrieben. Location is everything.

Der Qualitätsanspruch führt dazu, dass in schlechteren Jahren nicht alle Trauben für die eigenen Produkte verwendet, sondern an andere Winzer abverkauft werden. Well, all that changed about 4-5 years ago.

[2] Die Rebstöcke sind über 40 Jahre alt, der Ertrag schwankt zwischen 15 und 45 hl pro ha. Neben solchen Methoden werden von Château Pétrus auch ungewöhnliche Verfahren genutzt, bei Regen vor Beginn der Ernte wird zur Trocknung der Reben ein tieffliegender Helikopter eingesetzt. A perfectionist, then? Moderate he is not. Perhaps not surprisingly, the Pétrus vineyards are at the highest point at 42 meters above sea level.

It’s a tricky one, I’m sure you’ll agree. Die Verwendung der Trauben entscheidet sich nach der Ernte, in viele Jahrgänge fließt kein Cabernet Franc ein, so dass der Pétrus ein rebsortenreiner Merlot und keine Cuvée ist. There was a sense of muscularity to the wine, along with its ripe, robust fruit. ‘The best wine is still to be produced,’ says Moueix.

Das Weingut befindet sich im Besitz von Jean-Pierre Moueix, dem neben Pétrus noch weitere Weingüter gehören. His approach to viticulture and winemaking has been most sharply defined by the rise of the powerhouse wines at the other end of the Right Bank spectrum: where garage wines are associated with extreme ripeness (which Michel Rolland, for example. Now you can…. Darin ist die Sonderstellung von Pétrus unter den Pomerol-Weinen begründet.

... is the owner of Petrus. They included Magdelaine in St- Emilion and, in Pomerol, Lagrange, Latour à Pomerol, La Fleur Pétrus, Trotanoy and half of Pétrus, which JPM managed.

We learned that in 1950, the original parcel of land was located in front of Pétrus. In fact, Elisabeth pointed out that the best value wines of Château Pétrus come from less vaunted vintages and I certainly can vouch for this, as memories of a glorious 1994 Château Pétrus came to mind (tasted in 2009). There were other changes made starting five years ago, when they started planting Petit Verdot due to changes in climate.

Wo heute Pétrus liegt, war die durch Erosion abgetragene höchste Erhebung. We stood around in stunned silence as we took in the beauty of this wine, quite the perfect way to start a Monday morning.

The last thing Christian Moueix said as we parted at the door of his offices in Libourne was ‘Make it a modest piece’ – a slightly difficult request, under the circumstances. A visit to the Bordeaux vineyards and tasting their best organic wines (or wine made using biodynamic processes) We can also organise tailor-made tours depending on your wishes to discover the Bordeaux area off the beaten track. The current château was renovated in 2011 and was opened in 2013, while the cellar master lives in the original château a mere five minutes away from the newly renovated château. The 2015 vintage is the first to contain Petit Verdot, with approximately half percent to the blend. In der Region gibt es weniger bekannte Nachbargüter wie La Conseillante und Lafleur, deren Weine häufig zu einem Drittel des Preises von Pétrus angeboten werden. Before being filled with wine, these barrels are actually steamed with water for 16 days to avoid the need for topping off during elevage. We’re moving slowly: that’s the style of the family.’ What of the future?

‘It was so exciting, being young in California,’ he says. Häufig wird vom Handel der Erwerb einer Flasche Pétrus an andere Einkäufe geknüpft, so bot Mövenpick 2002 in Deutschland in der Subskription Weine von Pétrus an, erst bei einem Erwerb anderer Weine im Wert von mindestens 4.000 Euro wurde eine Einzelflasche Pétrus an den Kunden verkauft. Merci beaucoup! If some parts of the Right Bank equal concentration and modernity, does Moueix equal something more Left Bank – old-fashioned, conservative? ‘I would drink the wine myself. I receive faxes overnight with every detail: which rows they’ve pruned, draft invoices – I run the company from here, though I have excellent management there. Cherise talks about his ‘relentless quest for perfection’: ‘he pushes himself, he always has to go further; he never feels he has done a good job. Christian Moueix likes to keep a low profile. We wish you a pleasant visit to our website to prepare your next visits with our English taxis. Château La Fleur-Pétrus was his very first acquisition in 1950. Career-wise, though, things were inevitably different. It does appear rather imposing but when you make the wine that everyone wants but cannot get enough of, I guess one may enjoy certain bragging rights.

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