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could the roman empire have been saved

When people become poor, they either loose there love for Rome, or they die. The Roman Empire could not have been saved. When they raise taxes, people become poor. Due to this Rome was falling apart and the Empire couldn't do anything about it. Only good luck and a few competent emperors managed to quell the crisis. And when you don't have any men to fight. The Roman Empire could not have been saved for several reasons. The Roman Empire couldn't be saved because nobody cared about the old empire.

Internal contradictions and structural tensions are built into the fabric of empire. You can stop people assassinating but it won't stop all the way so it's just violence all the time. With that said, I see two real points where the Roman Empire was in serious danger of coming apart at the seams. This happening shows that people wanted a chafe in government. The Roman Empire: one of the greatest organizations in the history of the world.

Octavian got most of the west, Lepidus Africa, and Antony the east, from Greece to Syria along with the Egypt ruled in alliance with him by the famous Cleopatra. http://www.linkedin.com/in/joelagross), Learn Four Strategies To Start Improving Any Area Of Your Business. I believe that the Roman Empire didn't have a chance of being save for many reasons, but the one that stands out the most to me is in Doc:2 about Christianity, seeing that Christianity changed a lot of the peoples believes. Here are a few reasons why the Roman Empire fell. Document 3 proves this because all of the rulers were either killed or assassinated. I always wished that more professional historians tried to talk to the general public, so that’s why I’m doing this podcast on the fall of Rome.

Since there was no economic budget process (no planning), the economy that once relied on plundering existing resources, simply collapsed. Even with a BSC, it is important to be “in” the organization; go to the gemba to see for yourself what the problems are.

Money began to become worthless and profit was made from fruits and clothing. If only they would have listened! Without Rome economic, political, and social chaos ensued. But the Eastern Roman Empire under Justinian invaded, and spent years destroying the existing barbarian political structures that held the shreds of the old Western empire together. The Roman Empire could not have been saved. One after another Emperors fell. The growth of Christianity caused men to become pacifist and refuse to fight. I say this because in document 2 that Christianity was taking over and more money was getting put in churches. The roman empire could not of been saved because their large empire did not have enough troops after chrisianity was taking over making every one pacifists and spending most of their money on churches and leaving wall and roads to disrepair. The fast expansion of the militaries grew into Julius Caesar taking over as a dictator. To paraphrase the classicist Clifford Ando in a classic book on what held the Roman Empire together, the real question isn’t why it fell, but why it lasted so long in the first place. The Roman Empire was no different.

The Roman Empire was already in such a state of disarray that there really wasn't any hope left. The Roman Empire could not have been saved in any way. You can also listen on iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud, and Stitcher. Training was more effective and less expensive because they followed the TPS incremental training method. Instead of taking real action for change, the Roman Empire became paralyzed, always caught up in the day-to-day, never looking forward into the future. They seemed to have little to no rights. 4, it says that the Empire was expanding; however, gold reserves began to dry up which caused the Roman treasury to lessen in value. Poor planning led to infrastructure degradation, agricultural decline (due to over-use), and an increasing tax burden on the citizenry (there were no more conquered territories to pay tribute). I do not believe that the Roman Empire couldve been saved. Could the Roman Empire been saved? Could the Roman Empire have been saved? It wasn’t a given that the Empire had to last as a political until the fifth century AD. The Roman Empire couldn't have been saved, they wouldn't have been able to battle because of Christianity spreading throughout it. Other Roman emperors were killed other ways such as suicide or battle. In Doc 1 the people thought it wasn't worth saving the old civilization. It's existence could only be prolonged. By carefully planning Rate of Operation (essentially capacity vs. demand), you ensure that your organization has the right resources to sustain itself. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, so maybe the growth of the Empire should have been a bit slower…slow and deliberate is better than frantic and scattered. In doc 3 it shows the deaths of Roman emperors, 11 out of 19 where assassinated, this shows that the people where not happy with their rulers and wanted change. When this happened the government loses money, when the government loses money, they raise taxes. This really hurt Rome’s economy, because only the rich could buy anything. When this happens then you don't have enough people to fight. In the Empire’s case, what if the Emperor made a regular gemba walk throughout the Empire to see the problems first hand. In this time, the Roman Army maintained the peace. No empire can last for eternity. In document two it states that “Christianity stressed pacifism among its followers, so many refused to fight and the border became less secure.” If the Roman Empire had looked more into this and realized or cared more they could have showed less violence and stopped wars. In doc. The people elected into positions of power were too greedy for their own good. The Roman Empire fell because no one thought it was worth saving, and no one wanted to rescue it either. The growth of Christianity caused men to become pacifist and refuse to fight.

The Roman Empire to this day is known as the greatest Empire in history. Small, independent famers couldn't compete with the wealthy plantations run by slave labor.
When an organization invests in it’s human resources, engagement goes ways up…an engaged team is also a team that is constantly improving! What eventually brought it back together? Near the end, the size of the Empire was simply unsustainable. Also within document 2 it states that because of Christianity a lot of the soldiers were refusing to fight which resulted in the border being less secure and it declined the number of soldiers that the Roman Empire had. And you have so many barbarians around you, then you can't defend yourself.

In doc. I don't think the Roman empire could have been saved because honestly nobody really cared about saving the old empire so therefore nobody wanted to fight for their army and protect the people in the empire. Here are some lessons: Due to the fact that Rome was falling apart, the people of Rome might of wanted the Roman Empire killed someway, wether it was assassination, suicide, or disease. All empires eventually fall. In the end, almost all slaves would have died. It's existence could only be prolonged. Overall costs are reduced, without sacrificing the quality of soldiers (team members). Like the roads weren't getting paid for and buildings were not getting paid for which made buildings started falling down. In document 1 it talks about how nobody really cared about it and no one was willing to help protect it. People were forced to redefine power structures and national identities. What if instead of outsourcing, the army embraced a continuous improvement program to improve all of it’s processes? It states in doc 5 that the Roman Empire had grown so large that an incredibly large number of soldiers were needed to defend it, and most had no allegiance to their empire. Less Talk, More Action. Generals began to seize power for themselves only. This caused many of their people to become pacifist. Traditionally 476 A.D. (or CE) is considered the end date of the Roman Empire. This forced merchants to raise their prices to receive. Endless games in the Colosseum. Once the Empire started to replace the professional army with mercenaries (soldiers for hire…in other words, they outsourced their army), trouble started. By continuing to push, to try new things and analyzing the results, maybe the Roman Empire could have been saved? Emperors were sometimes only elected for a few months before being assassinated. The Ostrogoths may have conquered the Western roman empire but they did not destroy it. They Empire faced a lot of problems and because of the Christianity they didn't have a good military which meant that they couldnt go in to battle without epically failing. Augustus placated the army and built a brand-new imperial position for himself out of the powers of the old Republic’s magistracies, which he then underpinned with an all-out propaganda campaign. Also, document one says only few people believed the Roman Empire was worth saving. Rome couldn't have been saved and page 2 is what I'm using to back up my answer. Growth Must be Sustainable.

He reformed the coinage and the administration and shrouded the imperial office in ritual and distance from the common people to restore its legitimacy. As it says on page 164, “slaves reached as high as one-third of the total population.” Since the slaves were depended on to complete all work and labor, when the economy started failing, the slaves started running dry. Here are a few reasons why the Roman Empire fell. The people started putting there money to Christianity instead of the roads and more. (Shout out to Joel Gross, TPS Practioner and history buff for the quote source! I think that the Roman Empire couldn't of been saved.

the citizens, through the Senate), decision making and strategic planning was deeply flawed. But, as we all know, the Roman Empire fell, leading to almost 1000 years of the Middle Ages (also known as the Dark Ages…for good reason!). Never reckless growth. All empires will eventually fall.
The Rome Empire could not have been saved because in document 7 it says the government had to keep taxing people and businesses to pay for the maintenance of the army and they couldn't afford it . All empires fall due to many different reasons.

Also the Roman Empire failed because the military wasn't steady enough. How can you lead and provide for an empire without a leader? By using the concept of kaizen (continuous, incremental improvement), this lack of innovation would never have occurred. Yes, the Rome Empire could have been saved.

Many enslaved people were forced to work for the rich on these estates. The increase of Christianity decreased the numbers in the military. You can’t push the envelope without trying…”Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” The Roman Empire was build through hard work. Too many people wanted a change. In Doc. Even the people didn't think that it should have been saved.It also says that they could not organize to protect them selfs. I used historum.com and the documents provided to help me answer this.

The Britain, Pannonia, Noricum and Germania were abandoned by the central government and many areas were left to look for their own leadership when the Roman control weakend or did not respond to urgent needs and invasions. In the fifth century, when the Empire was faced with an array of problems both internal and external, nobody stepped up with a vision for a fundamental transformation of the Empire. No empire, from Sargon’s Akkadian Empire to the Soviet Union, lasts forever. The rich in Rome ruled over almost everything as stated on paragraph three of page 160 the gap between the rich and the poor grew more and more. People began selling their lands to richer men because they could no longer support them.

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