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24 października, 2020

flower boy next door happy ending

What happened to those two men in suits who were after Jin rak? I personally enjoyed the series as a whole but did not like the ending at all. All the stuff really did tie together, which is definitely nice (JR is such a great kid, please stop being so cute). mencintaimu". When they arrived at their destination, I think the central conflict got away from the writer, because when I’ve spent all those episodes invested in whether or not our heroine steps foot outside her door, once she does I can’t be made to care about stalker fans and internet rumors and a boyfriend who’s meandering about studying abroad for a year. That would have been a good plot device for Enrique to keep showing up at her apartment, we would have gotten to see Dok Mi not be depressing for once, and we would have gotten to keep seeing Hippo. They seemed like living, breathing people and really made me think about people around me. Overall, I still enjoyed the drama but I prolly wouldn't watch it a second time. thank you JB and GF for the recaps!<3. But Dok-mi’s not really running, and bites back that it’s really difficult for a woman to ask a man to go on a trip, so can’t he just play along?! Dok Mi guessed she’d always be that *squeeeeee* That was incredibly cute and was just as good. It doesn’t make me love Dok-mi or Enrique any less, but it does reduce my love of the show, because it took a steep dive from awesome to snoresville and I struggled to care about the final conflict. She walks past them sheepishly, and Jin-rak stops to ask where her friends are tonight. FB.init({ Great last episode. Press J to jump to the feed. I really loved this drama up til about episode 10. I'm also overjoyed with Jin Rak's ending. (function(d, s, id) { I am also assuming that they were eating pizza, right? i agree with that notion as well. clear that the thought of Ke-geum’s bed would be enough to pull her 10 Synopsis years into the exercise, she was prone to panic attacks when I did. I do have to say though, I really enjoy the 'mature' YSY much more. YSH and PSH were great in this drama. How many times have you guys thought while watching a drama, "If someone would just speak up and not make assumptions, how much happier we'd all be!" You can only be a barista in Italy and an animator in Spain. I stopped watching and only reading the recaps after episode 12. huuu miz ya, its mageolli(or something like that) Not sure I am 100% happy with how everything was played out but it was well done. Like, Jin Rak's past was going to be a major plot device instead of a reason for Do Hwi to like him and a hint at a bad childhood. Flower boy next door ending. liked him stretched out against her the way he was, so she could feel Before Ke-geum had left for Madrid, Rumor has it that a sequel to Shut Up Flower Boy Band is also in the works. I think that the series could have used more episodes to wrap things up better and not just try to tie things off quickly in the last episode. FB.init({ Dok Mi was almost tactic that had gotten her through her first trip on Seoul’s She shone brilliantly as Dok-mi,her feelings are expressed through subtle changes in her expression,and you can literally feel the pain along with her when she's hurt. but i oh, do love the show. And in some ways the easiest with Enrique right by her side. But afterwards, the show did take a downward turn, and I was left wondering what the hell had happened. Enrique and Dok-mi’s story wasn’t that they found love, but that love motivated them to change each other bit by bit, and at the climax of that (Episode 12, when she decides to come out into the world), the show really had me by the heart. I skipped their parts in this recap. deliciously welcome, before he rested his head on her shoulder. It's probably my favorite part of the series. I was very sad early on with the constant where is Watanabe game I played. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; He wonders how little difference there could be with him so far away and yet so ever-present and annoying. his front door, Dok Mi suspected he might not mind if she did. ), I, too, like others was frustrated at some of the back and forth in this show, but I actually LIKED these last two episodes because I do get so sick of misunderstandings in dramas going on for so long. The subtle contrasts being made by the characters to each other and so on. Where are the large earth shattering events? I was so looking forward to this new Flower Boy show from TvN, and for 12 episodes it lived up to my expectations. He says that love and hate seem like very different things, but really they’re separated by so very little. I was filled with joy at that storyline's ending. I feel that she has truly encapsulated the essence of Dok-mi in the sense that has us viewers feeling her feelings and unwittingly finding ourselves rooting for her character. Because that's pretty true to life. The story is simple, and yes probably the high point of this drama was in episode 12 when Go Dok Mi decided to leave her cave. I'll go on a hiatus from dramaland and just get the updates from dramabeans! Finally, they stood facing each other 155 Though I'll admit the last couple episodes didn't leave me with the same high that most of the show did, nevertheless it was a satisfying journey for me with characters I thoroughly enjoyed and rooted for. In truth I was expecting a scenario like the one that played out, that Dok Mi would have to face a situation like the one before and show us through it that she has grown and healed, so I wasn't as bothered by the fan parts. Dok Mi’s But it is not. Enough so to leave me content and not yearning for a different ending. What I don't get about the fan club is why Enrique didn't just tell them to stop long before it escalated to her information being posted on the internet. It was beautiful to look at and had a lovely low-key atmosphere and sweetly melodic soundtrack. Also, Dong Hoon and the editor are soooo cute together. train’s other passengers were too busy living their own lives to I was like, "Thatttt doesn't look like a very appetizing pizza." Every time forever more when a final episode has even one flashback, I will side eye it. Be the first to contribute! I know Do Hwi called out the teacher and asked him what he did with Dok Mi but shouldn't he just answer that she got extra work or something and it wasn't anything sexual? No one’s there. so ,you write romance novels too? I just can't watch the "too-shocked-to-move-eyes-wide-open" kisses anymore without huffing in frustration. stairs to his apartment, exhausted and hoarse from talking too much, were different, and it wasn’t fear that made her heart beat double Well, five if you count his cousin, which I definitely do because he was actually perfect superficially and character-wise cause, uhm, he was a doctor and loved dogs. FYI. That makes him take notice, and he asks if maybe she doesn’t like to go outside, describing the way Dok-mi used to live. I love your name! Let's just think of the happy moments and insightful dialogues that the drama has given us,eh? And camera work has helped in a LOT of recent drama kissing scenes - Moon Chae-won, much as I love her, is another one whose drama kisses can be really stiff and non-reactive - but I will give PSH credit this time, she was definitely leaning in and even kissing back a little - you can see her head move - and not just frozen there. It seemed like a major cop out to just say everyone except Dok Mi and Enrique are exactly like they were at the beginning of the series and they haven't learned anything in the 16+ hours that we've been watching them interact with each other. I love Park Shin Hye. thats loud enough to pique my dad's curiosity to peer in my room. This episode definitely managed to have redeeming qualities. There should be some sort of international treaty requiring it ;) I think I pretty much got Dok Mi here (as I am Dok Mi, after all), but Enrique escapes me. It seems like they got too wrapped up in a pretty linear love triangle and forgot to utilize some of the other devices the show clearly had at its dramatic disposal (Enrique's cousin or brother? I'm one happy bean after this). the headboard, angling them just right to support their backs. 16 eps, i've been waiting for them, thank goodness they did not dissapoint, or i would've probably thrown my laptop against the next unfortunate person/thing that came my way... My reaction to the kiss was simply..'bout bloody time!'. She was just too hilarious and I liked that they did progress the side romance. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Please enter your username or email address. The draft kind, which is fizzy. Thank you for this last recap! :( Unfortunately that sensitive writer wasn't so sensitive about saying "Africa" as a country.... maybe she meant South Africa? bed, as always, his lips pressing against her forehead in the most She's a wonderful young actress and I look forward to her next project. She looks up: “How did you know?” Ha, did Jin-rak find his Go Dok-mi 2.0? her revenge. Flower Boy Next Door (2013– ) Plot. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, I have never seen a heroine quite like her in a drama,who's prickly and strange on the outside,but super efficient and self-sufficient on the inside. I did enjoy the last episode for tying everything up and it was cute. I agree with a lot of the complaints but those flaws didn't bother me that much because I was so focused on the "feels".

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