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highway 20 california map

This section of Interstate 20 serves mid-sized Lone Star communities such as Midland, Odessa and Abilene. Join and Explore More Use the Map Filters to narrow down by a single type or amenity. Phase One of the four-year project commenced in August 2015. After passing under Old U.S. 101, the highway will cross over the Russian River and East Side Calpella Road/East Road. Upon entering Caddo Parish, Louisiana, Interstate 20 enters the Shreveport metropolitan area. The state route parallels Cold Creek from here east to Blue Lakes, but the creek does not drain Clear Lake; in fact, Clear Lake is not within the Russian River or Eel River watersheds (it is in the Cache Creek watershed, which drains east to the Sacramento River). Signs for Exits 160B/A erroneously show Business Spur I-20 as Interstate 20. Photo taken 01/01/17. Photo taken 08/05/19. The highway next crosses the Russian River on this 1958 bridge (widened in 1991). It would involve the demolition of most businesses along Finley Boulevard, cost over $2 billion and take at least 28 years to complete. Exit Maps. Comments:  The map of California is a detailed interactive road map of the state, about 1,200 communities and 200 parks are shown and labelled. Both routes would run through minority or low-income areas, including the Enon Ridge and Fountain Heights communities. Connect with:Interstate 5Interstate 80State Route 49 - Mother Lode HighwayState Route 174. McCourtney Road connects with the eastbound on-ramp to adjacent SR 49 and Nevada City. The approximate mileage is shown between many points on the map. Photo taken 01/05/19. * – 1.60 miles on I-55 and 23.60 miles on I-59, # – 130.10 miles on I-59, Source: Louisiana Traffic Volume Monitoring (LADOTD). Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. Photo taken 01/05/19. Photos taken 01/05/19. This is the first of five Cold Creek crossings along California 20 (this bridge was built 1967). You can park at … Entering the state of Alabama, I-20/59 travel to Cuba, were State Route 8 ties in from the east. SR 20 combines with SR 49 along the Golden Center Freeway nearby. Join now for fullscreen and multi-feature filters. © 2018 | All Rights Reserved |, Southern California Regional Rocks and Roads. A slide show showing renderings of the work is located here. The east fork has its headwaters in the hills above Potter Valley. Interstate 20 begins in a remote area from IH 10 near Kent, Texas. Interstate 20 & 59 separates Downtown Birmingham, Alabama from the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex along a six-lane viaduct completed in 1971. The east-west alignment of U.S. 1 starts in Augusta and takes the US route to Columbia and Camden parallel to Interstate 20. Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa has a capacity of over 100,000 as of 2010, and during Crimson Tide home games traffic congestion arises along I-59/20 . The passing lane ends after the Road A intersection, and another reassurance shield for California 20 east is posted shortly thereafter. There U.S. 11 accompanies I-20 & 59 northeast to Birmingham. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'interstate_guide_com-box-3','ezslot_3',127,'0','0']));Starting in the vastness of western Texas, then emerging in the southeastern states as a major highway through several metropolitan areas, Interstate 20 provides a connection through the northern tier of the Deep South states. A second sign points the way to Marina Drive; a right turn lane allows for deceleration before turning onto Marina Drive southwest. eval(ez_write_tag([[970,250],'interstate_guide_com-leader-2','ezslot_14',600,'0','0'])); West at. The overlap of Interstates 20 & 59 through Meridian was not completed until the mid-1970s.6. Photo taken by Chris Elbert (03/31/07). The map to the left of this background profile was produced by Master Cartographer, Angus Weller. Map of All California Campgrounds. Interstate 20 traverses mountainous areas eastbound near Cook Springs, Alabama (Exit 152) after a rain shower. This map was created by a user. The first westbound confirming marker for Interstate 20. Eastbound California 20 approaches Road 144 to East Road north or East Side Calpella Road south to the Redwood Valley Rancheria. The original configuration of the Capitol Hill Interchange between Interstate 20 and Interstates 75 & 85 (Downtown Connector) in Atlanta utilized a number of left-hand ramps. There IH 20 bypasses both cities to the south, overriding portions of original alignments of IH 820 and IH 635 respectively. To connect to East Road north or East Side Calpella Road south, turn left at the Road 144 intersection. Another 11 miles of suburban areas buffer I-20 before the highway leaves the metropolitan area beyond Leeds and Moody. Nevada City is 90 minutes from Reno and 50 minutes from Truckee via westbound I-80 and Highway 20. Note the exposed rock formations on the north side of the highway. Overheads at the Reeves County line formerly displayed a shield for U.S. 290 along IH 10 east. After the Redwood Valley Rancheria turnoff, this mileage sign provides the distance to Upper Lake (19 miles), California 53 (42 miles), and Williams (78 miles). Design improvements reviewed included wider shoulders, adding auxiliary lanes and reconfiguring the existing traffic pattern to reduce weaving. Business Spur I-20 transitions directly onto Interstate 20 at the exchange with I-95. The westernmost section of IH 20 travels through some sparsely populated, isolated terrain, which resulted in the 2006 enactment of an 80 miles-per-hour speed limit along an 89-mile stretch between IH 10 and Monahans. Hawaii. The 141-mile route across South Carolina is designated the Strom Thurman Freeway, named after James Strom Thurman (1902-2003), S.C. member of the U.S. Senate from 1954 until his death. East of Exit 59, Interstate 20 resumes along a rural course.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'interstate_guide_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_8',601,'0','0'])); The last urban center along Interstate 20 in Mississippi is Meridian. Continuing east across the city, I-20 splits with I-220, a bypass to the north, and combines with I-49. These were replaced with six lane expansion of I-95 in 2004. The exchange with Interstate 26, northwest of the capital city, represents a second locally nicknamed “Malfunction Junction” along I-20. Photos taken 07/11/18. Older guide signs posted ahead of IH 20 included space for U.S. 80. Description: This map shows cities, towns, interstate highways, railroads, rivers, lakes and landforms in California. IH 820, the first branch of IH 20 from the west, constitutes a belt route around the west, north, and east side of Fort Worth as well.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'interstate_guide_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',171,'0','0'])); East from Fort Worth, IH 20 varies between six and eight lanes as it travels through cities such as Arlington, Grand Prairie and Duncanville to south Dallas. Exit 141B departs from the east of I-20 for I-95 south to Manning, the South Carolina LowCountry and Savannah, Georgia. Interstate 49 is proposed to continue north along the Inner City Connector from a systems interchange with I-20 to the exchange where it separates from I-220 north of Cross Lake. The freeway expands to six lanes at Exit 61 ahead of St. Andrews and the north side of Columbia. and transitions back into a rural freeway. I-49 joins I-20 for 5.8 miles between I-220/LA 3132 and its original north end outside Downtown. Photos taken by Steve Hanudel (01/11/05). Map of highways that will get you to Colorado. [31W694 - 31W698] US Highway 20, Elgin, IL 60120 . Continuing northeast toward Birmingham, Alabama’s largest city, I-59/20 maintain six lanes with increasing traffic counts. A California 20 east reassurance shield is posted shortly after the Redwood Valley Rancheria / Road 144 intersection. Click map icons to get directions to fishing spots, boat ramps and USGS stream flow data. Georgia. U.S. 78 leaves I-20 for Stone Mountain while U.S. 278 takes over as the freeway companion to Augusta, Georgia. Through the Piney Woods, IH 20 serves the cities of Tyler, Longview and Marshall east to the Louisiana state line. Original button copy sign for I-20 west and Business Spur I-20 east on I-95 south. Photo taken 01/05/19. Photo taken 05/29/06. Early maps showed Interstate 20 passing through Downtown Fort Worth and Dallas along the route currently occupied by Interstate 30; the route shifted once adequate funding for today’s Interstate 20 was made available from Interstate Highway Funds. IH 20 travels northeast toward Pecos, Monahans and Odessa-Midland. IH 20 trends northward 428 miles to Fort Worth and 460 miles to Dallas. IH 10 follows a southerly route 383 miles to Fort Stockton, Sonora, Junction and San Antonio. For Interstate 20, it is the entrance into the Deep South and the first of three urban centers along the route across the Magnolia State. It carries electricity into Lake County and interconnects the Mendocino County power grid with the Central Valley power network. In Texas, Interstate 20 was an original Interstate Highway, and it was initially approved by the Texas State Highway Commission in 1962 with 634 miles. Photos taken 08/05/19. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. Mill Street intersects McCourtney Road just beyond the SR 20 over crossing in Grass Valley. Photo taken 07/15/05. Traveling above Lake Mendocino, eastbound California 20 crosses the East Fork of the Russian River on this 1958 bridge that was widened in 2000.

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