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pokemon sword post game reddit

All this work just to be treated like this I'm outraged. This leaked info seems to imply that the main legendaries won’t be caught until after the main story is over and you’ve beaten all of Pokemon Sword and Shield’s gyms and become champion, which is a departure from previous Pokemon titles. It almost boggles my mind how this just seems to be both incredibly impossible and basically guaranteed at the same time. Winterreise. Log In Sign Up. Or is the postgame just doing Max Raids? For lore nerds, the post-game elements delve a bit deeper into pokémon history while also providing some welcome challenges in the form of battles with wild Dynamax monsters (which are essentially gigantic forms of regular pokémon). This story episode will reportedly last just a few hours. This game includes an in-game option to purchase a Nintendo Switch Online membership for users who do not have one. Pokemon Sword and Shield have ditched features that were previously staples of the franchise — namely, the games’ lack of a National Pokedex. Have you already completed the Champion Cup in Pokemon Sword and Shield are looking for things to do in the post-game? Of course, you can take your team into online battles with other players, but Pokemon Sword and Shield also include a Battle Tower where you can fight NPC trainers indefinitely, presumably earning rewards as you go. Take the elevator up and enter the room furthest to the left before talking to the doctor NPC at the back of the room.". That, my friends, is where the post game comes into play. It also might be useful for some of the fire-weak challenges in the Rare League Card hunt. And once I’ve assembled a new team in the wild area, I then take it either into a raid battle or to the gyms in town — which are still open for business — to test my monsters out. spoiler. Welcome Thread Welcome Thread Our Rules Our Rules Join the Discord Chat Join the Discord Chat Official Site Official Site. They should’ve made the whole game like isle of armor, which is short and no one cares about the story. Professor Magnolia has a special surprise for you, however - she'll gift you with a Master Ball. Don't forget to pick up your catching charm from the room next door if you missed it, Once you have all of the data in your pokédex, go to the left hotel in Circhester, take the elevator up and talk to the doctor in the room furthest to the left for the shiny charm, For the Lucky Egg, go to the restaurant in Hulbury and talk to the chef to start a small questline to deliver food. I mean the post game is terrible honestly, the DLC makes it good, but that brings it all to $90. Here's all of the Rare League Cards you can pick up in the post game, plus where you can find them: As well as all of the above, there's another small reward waiting for you for becoming champion. A few more of these rare league cards can be found through other means, too. Collectibles . It may seem like a small addition, but the wild area has changed my relationship with the game. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The aim in Pokemon Sword and Shield is to unseat Leon as the Champion Pokemon Trainer of the Galar Region. Completing these raid battles will get you some neat story scenes with the gym leaders, but it'll also get you some specific rewards to prove that you've done it - rare league cards featuring cool art of all the gym leaders. It’s a great game but after you complete the dex there isn’t much worth doing. After that ramble: play it until the finished Dex...then wait for them to get their act together. If you aren’t confident in your Pokemon’s abilities, you can instead rent a pre-made team of Pokemon to help you learn the finer strategies of competitive play. That just drives me nuts is that fun? Indeed, the game seems to have been designed with grinding out max raid battles in mind. 1. Upgrades. What is its use? Active. We're definitely going to be able to travel to Kalos in the post-game. r/PokemonSwordShield Rules. Leon appears when you are ready to rank up in the Battle Tower, Talk to the man that sells daily bargains in Stow-on-Side to get a Beast Ball, Talk to the "police officer" in a room in the hotel on the left in Circhester, he will give you the Oval Charm if you beat him in a battle. "See our Isle of Armor Expansion Pass Guides Now!" Sections can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the section title next to the chevron ( ). Hadnt bought the game because of dexit, but the sex part is making me sad about not playing it UwU. Please keep content appropriate. Read on if you would like to know about walkthrough information. Posted by u/[deleted] 1 year ago. Additionally, some of the Pokemon will be exclusively obtainable through the next post-game activity in this list, which adds some extra challenge to the affair. The Pokemon themselves just get bigger and get a stat boost unless they Gigantamax in which case they get a special move and look different but thats it, they don’t get to change their type or ability. Curry. If more Pokemon battles are what you crave in the post game, your best bet is actually to journey back to the various gyms where you'll find some all-new post game challenges worthy of the Champion - all-new raid-style boss encounters with Dynamaxed Pokemon that essentially amount to single-player raid bosses of a sort. Once the main campaign is over, the games quickly lose their appeal; I’ve never been one to go back just to fill out my pokédex or hunt down rare, legendary creatures. What you see is what you get since thats the only map of the region that'll be used for the foreseeable future. Actually no real post game at all it seems. I have 1500+ hours in Sword. Max Raiding Guides Curry Guide Beginners Comp Guide. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Welcome to the Game8 Pokemon Sword and Shield (SWSH) Wiki. The northernmost part seems like a Pokemon League to me, like Ever Grande was a city kinda, maybe this could be a city, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. If you look into it, they rushed sword and shield, and Nintendo has artificially delayed content so they can stretch the series. The restrictes sparring mode in the DLC was an addition i really loved, and the larger tweaks it made to the base game were all positive. We’ll go over everything known about what happens after Sword and Shield’s campaign in this guide. The final point in the Pokemon Sword and Shield post game is simply to take to the Wild Area and get stuck into the Max Raid Battles - challenging fights against Pokemon that range in strength from challenging to painfully powerful. When you go to Slumbering Weald you'll meet two mysterious characters with sword and shield-based haircuts, and you'll have to fight through a few tough encounters in order to earn the chance to catch one of the two legendary beasts. This is the place for most things Pokémon on Reddit—TV shows, video games, toys … Press J to jump to the feed. Instead, you can go wherever you want, venturing into every nook and cranny to see what there is to find. Pokémon Sword and Shield’s wild area keeps me coming back, You can get OnePlus Buds wireless earbuds for $59 at Amazon and B&H Photo, Verge readers can get an exclusive discount on Jackbox Party Pack 7, Sign up for the According to CentroLeaks, the story episode begins with the Galar Region royalty being upset with the player for proving Zacian and Zamazenta were the real heroes spoken about in Galarian legend, as opposed to the royal family’s ancestors. Actually the professor doesn't even acknowledge that you came... to show her a complete dex. Additional games and systems may be required; sold separately. 2. The third delivery will give you the Lucky Egg, but there's other rewards along the way, The house nearest the station [Exp Candy L + nuggets], The last house on the row of houses to the left of the restaraunt [2 Big nuggets], Pick up a Type:Null as a gift from the girl in the Battle Tower, Enter Hop's house and go to Leon's room to find a pokéball with a charmander capable of gigantamaxing when it evolves, A man in the lower parts of Motostoke will teach pokémon the new move 'Steel Beam', At max rank Leon will give you a gold bottle cap and an outfit, The Battle Tower allows you to Hyper Train level 100 Pokémon, As mentioned above, the first time you beat Leon, he will give you his rare league card, The BP shop sells mints for 50BP, which are used to change the effects of your pokémon nature, Fog is now available as a weather in the Wild Area, which allows for new pokémon to spawn in different areas, Corrected 'dynamax' to 'gigantamax' regarding Charmander, Corrected oval charm being in the left hotel, not the right, Corrected that you only need to talk to Oleana, not battle her, Completely reformatted the post to place things into categories, Added new things regarding the Battle Tower and Wild Area, Added a reminder to pick up the catching charm, even if it's not post-game, Added how to get the lucky egg and the delivery questline rewards.

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