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It does make a return in the end credits, as it returns into its initial form, wearing headphones and using a DJ set. The Boss transforms once again in the same level, getting brighter with cracks appearing. They Might Be Giants In the process, the Boss reigns over the entire world as everything turns into what it had visioned, one location at a time. The Boss's hideous new form borders the level with large thornballs, blood drips from its eye sockets, small thornballs are launched at the player, and it vibrates. The Boss's forms throughout the game.From left to right, during Long Live The New Fresh/New Game, New Game/Final Boss, Annihilate, and Annihilate/Till It's Over. Likely after the events of Paradise and before the player rescues the Boat, the Boss somehow forms or creates a crown along with a triangle ontop of it. The Boss makes its appearance in the lobby menu initially using the DJ set when unlocked. User:NoibatYayya The Boss begins glowing pink brightly. Due to interference of the Young Avengers, Marvel Boy did indeed take control of the facility. PARADISE Centipedes descend from the sky, and the Boss sprouts two large, thorny appendages. This one frequently transforms the Big Cube. The Boss goes on a rampage after getting out of the cavern, as well as chasing both the friend and the player, beating a friendly plant with its punches along the way, damaging the opening credits text of the game with a laser it fires from its eye, before finally pulling the Tree of Life from the ground as it prepares to make it pink or evil. During its attacks, it forms or spawns something in order to attack the player besides beams. The Boss chases the player up the Tower, as it continues to fire triple shots. The liquid washes half of the mouth away, as if the mouth was just drawn on with chalk. While playing, it appears to have its eyes closed and its mouth shut, as only its two sharp teeth are visible. The Big Cube waves its hands as the sawblades are nearing to it, presumably calling for help. The Big Cube rolls to the right of the screen, turning itself to a giant cog which rolls to the opposite side of the screen. This is one of the two levels in the game where a corrupted ally attacks the player, the other level being. The player dodges by dashing into the cog's black spaces and dashing out of them after. After climbing for a while, it floats around, flailing its arms about, before resuming the chase, and climbs faster this time. Although the Boss has seemingly empty space in which the player can get 'inside', the player will get damaged regardless. The friend's icon in the official JSB Facebook profile during Christmas 2018. Circles drifting out from the Big Cube attack more frequently. While all of this is happening, the Big Cube loses its hitbox, and beams start to attack, sequencing downward to a certain point, forcing the player to go at the bottom left corner of the screen. Once the player completes the level, a triangle purifies the second part of the Tree and destroys the machine that had corrupt the friend. This same scene occurs again after the player rescues both the Helicopter and their friend and restores the second piece of the Tree, with slight differences. In computer simulators, virtually any size is possible (although the larger the size is, the slower the program will run), but very few people have ever attempted any cube larger than the 20x20x20 Cube. If the background is other than black (which is done by modifying the game), it can be seen that the Boss also has a black outline after the pink outline. The Boss (presumably) continues to play its guitar until the player completes all of the levels in Tower before proceeding to Final Boss. Supporting CharacterBoss Character (Evil) The Square begins to blast devastating golden lasers at the Boss, thinning down the large thornballs bordering the level, as no attacks from the Boss can harm the Square in this form at all. Resuming in New Game, the Boss corrupts the Tree of Life by lunging the Tree to a corrupt surface. The Square and its three friends reunite, as the land is peaceful once again. After beating Try This, the level triangle destroys the ceiling that was blocking the switch. However, once the Boss consumes the triangles after the creation of the Tower, it changes to have two eyes, one bigger than the other, and five horns, three at the left and two at the right, three of which are smaller. ??? During Close To Me, a Boss Battle of the same world, the square flickers to its corrupt form, varying from its initial self to its corrupted self in a pink color, it even goes far as the square flickers into an outlined pink square with its eyes. It retains the same arms that it had previously, though again, it has four arms. The Big Cube After that, the second part of the tree drops down to the friend as it saves it and prevents other plants from being corrupted. The boss battle lasts around 3 minutes and 40 seconds before the track ends. After two rotations, the camera starts to rotate counterclockwise for two more rotations. [5], The Cube is mentioned to be one of the surviving S.H.I.E.L.D. The Boss's second horn or ear appears again, before it begins to directly fight the player with its improved cannon form, firing a spread of three spectrum bars from three cannons. On 4 March 2017, YuXin announced a commercially available 17x17 cube via Facebook. along with Vault, The Cube, and The Raft. The Cube was a prison for alien criminals who committed crimes on Earth. Until the release of V-cubes, the only mass-produced big cubes were the 4x4x4 Cube and the 5x5x5 Cube. Csupo, Saturn, Zander, Hilil, Uranus, Camden, Stik, AwesomePuppy, Chrissa, Orbit, Lemony-Nine. The Square tries to revive itself, only for the Boss to slowly descend from the top of the screen and smash the Square into pieces once again with its head, preventing the revival. Both have lethal tears shed and something running down the boss's face in the initial phase of the level. [3], In the aftermath of the Skrull Invasion, Norman Osborn used The Cube as a base for his Thunderbolts. A head, a little circle inside it as an eye and two horns or cat ears, akin to a basic cyclops appearance. Until the release of V-cubes, the only mass-produced big cubes were the 4x4x4 Cube and the 5x5x5 Cube. Internal filename The level's soundtrack is a wordplay, Close To Me refers to the attacks that the Big Cube uses during the level, forcing the player to be at least close to them. The Square moves up to the level beacon, and begins the true final battle with the Boss. As the level reaches its end, the corrupted Big Cube starts to flicker and shrink back to its normal self, with harmful tears appearing lesser and lesser until it finally stops, with the Big Cube back to its initial state, signal a slow end to the level.

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