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top 10 scariest monsters

The only reason I said that was because multiple people called typhon a Titan while in almost all Greek myths he is call a storm giant and I’m think his name means storm something. And I agree that Scylla and Charybdis are so closely linked that they belong on the same spot on the list. '90s and 2000s kids look back on the beloved series with nostalgia, and Stine is often referred to as the Stephen King of children's horror. Medusa Confronted by: Oedipus, 9. Is that it’s derivative? I disagree Are You Afraid of the Dark: The 10 Best Episodes Of The Original (According to IMDB), 10 Famous Actors Who Started In Horror Movies. According to the teenagers, these monsters had curly fingers and huge glowing eyes. And no, Kronos swallowed his two sons Poseidon, and Hades. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Horror monsters have certainly evolved past those early representations, and have become even deadlier with each new iteration to up the stakes for the viewers. i think of the picture medusas the scariest. The first titan was Gaia; contrary to popular belief that Cronus is commonly thought to be the first as he is the titan of time. His furry would manifest in the form of volcanic eruptions, and in this way Typhon continues to terrorize humanity from his earthly prison. Also, add in Tartarus. There are a shocking amount of commenters who seem to not know that the Sphinx is one of the many mythological creatures that happen to have been in multiple mythologies. She wasnt even one if the first primordials. I love your list. Typhon was NOT cast into tartarus. Using a mirrored shield that was given to him by Athena, Perseus viewed Medusa’s reflection so as not to look directly at the monster. Greek Mythology has many versions of it’s self, if anything all of them or neither of them is correct. Recommending Percy Jackson for history, hilarious. All Rights Reserved. As soon as the hero decapitates one of the Hydra’s heads, he immediately takes a torch to the stump of a neck. Not Typhoon. The main kids' dad is the featured villain in the story, as he unwittingly created a plant clone of himself, which goes on to attempt to take over his life. not on the list? What about them? In October of 1995, a Canadian/American adaptation of Stine's hit series came to TV. Based on the 11th book in R.L. Typhon was so mighty, that the only conceivable opponent to defy him was Zeus himself. Empusa was said to be a demigoddess under the control of the goddess Hecate, a being that is often associated with crossroads and entrance ways. First came chaos, the primordial god of creation, then when chaos made the universe, eros (not the child of Aphrodite, the original) the primordial of procreation and anake the primordial of necessity along with Chronos (not to be confused with Kronos/cronus, the titan if time) the primordial of time were the first. 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Miyagi-Do: The 5 Best Fighters On Each Side, The Walking Dead: The Characters’ Transformation Over The Years (In Pictures), Avatar: The Last Airbender: 5 Quotes That Prove Katara Is A Gryffindor (& 5 That Disprove This). Anyway, great list! If you put in typhon,you must also add the other titans, gaia, nyx and chaos, I think that it is awesome and that im doing research about Greek mythology and im going to add this and its going to be so cool. the gods their self were monsters at time and some monsters on there i have to agree don’t belong on the list and some do belong on the list but aren’t on there but one thing we can all agree on is that typhoon belongs on the throne. Cerberus The Charybdis and Scylla  Guys there are so many versions of Greek Mythology. However her frightening appearance, and her ghastly tendency to feast on human blood and flesh, more than warrants her place as number seven on our list. In this story, the protagonist, Hannah, could actually be considered one of the monsters, since she was actually a ghost. Welcome To Dead House was the 39th episode in the TV series adaptation, and although it was not as haunting as the book, the show definitely did one aspect of the story justice, and that was the undead. I didn’t know that Charybdis was a monster that caused a whirlpool; I had thought that it was the name of the whirlpool itself. Also put in Kampe and you should know that kampe was a monster appointed by Kronos to guard the elder cyclops and the hundred handed ones. 10. Ghost Beach is set on the spooky titular beach, in which the Sadler siblings meet some strange kids who turn out to be ghosts. It was said that for every head that was severed, two more would grow in it’s place. By casting one hundred well aimed thunderbolts to the head of the monster, Typhon was cast down into the pits of Tartarus where he was sealed away for all time. Number six on our list is the deadly Hydra, a serpent like water monster with reptilian traits. A one-stop shop for all things video games. The hero and the other Athenians, along with princess Ariadne, escape Minos’ palace and make a hasty retreat to Athens under the cover of night. Luv it. You will be redirected once the validation is complete. Known from: The Legend of Perseus Especially since she already hated Poseidon. Great list but I feel that Echidna, the “Mother of All Monsters” and Typhon’s mate deserves a spot here. I disagree with a lot of the listed creatures in top 10 most terrifying monsters here; though, I do certainly agree on the #1 most terrifying. Known from: The Theogony The titans originally walked the planet before gods were even thought of. From slithering beasts covered in tentacles to great creatures that traverse the watery depths, the galaxy certainly has many scares to offer. A creature who’s venom was so dangerous, that even the breath exhaled by the Hydra could be lethal to any man. Known from: The Legend Of Bellerophon Additionally, the Hydra had the confounding ability to regrow any decapitated limbs with alarming speed. In the Goosebumps episode, the camera causes a severe car accident and the disappearance of a teenage girl. There are several monsters in this story, and they are all the ghosts that haunt Hill House. #1 should be the Hydra!!! Werewolf Skin is one of the lesser-known ones; it was the 60th book of the series and the 57th episode in the television show. Typhon was traped under a mountain not tartarus, Two of the monsters were innocent: Medusa, who was raped by Poseidon and condemned by resisting him, and the Minotaur, who was locked in the Labyrinth against his will. For the people who disagree with many of the story’s that is because there are many different story’s forn each creature and btw the kracken is NOT a Greek monster but here are some of my favourite Greek creatures The monster still breathed fire and wailed and screamed in rage, causing volcanic eruptions. We've also ranked them. Perseus would use the head of Medusa as a weapon against enemies; until he eventually presented it to Athena who attached it to the front of her shield. Its lair was the lake of Lerna in an ancient part of the Peloponnese . The horror in this Goosebumps episode was not exactly in your face, but it was the eerie simplicity that felt unnerving. Stine have done a whole lot for children's horror. Feeling joyful. The sphinx is perhaps known best for her role in the legend of Oedipus. Atlas is known to have held up the sky, or a mountain. by Erica Rose 2 years ago in urban legend. Pretty good! And stop saying Kronos should be there or Gaia because they are immortal Titans not monsters. Related: 10 Of The Scariest Episodes Of Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Spooky and darkly comedic, Goosebumps is definitely an unforgettable part of children's horror, so let's take a look at some of the scariest monsters from the TV series and books. Krayt Dragon. R.L. But good list anyways :). The very first generation of titans included Gaia (creator of life and The Earth), Ouranos (The Heavens), and Pontos (The Sea).

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