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ville valo 2020 interview

Please note that Ville released this interview while he was living in his old neighborhood of Munkkiniemi. If HIM have endured then it’s because the man at the helm hasn’t just captured hearts and imaginations the world over. It’s mid-afternoon on a Monday in October and all eyes in the country are turned towards the sky. Remarkably, a year before the unveiling of American Idiot, Green Day were seen as a band whose time was up. See more ideas about Ville valo, Ville, Singer. I’m going to continue writing songs.”. Ville Valo & Agents: Gold album and number one album list Ville Valo & Agents, based on Somerjoki songs, has sold gold in less than a week. HIM is dead and vocalist Ville Valo is about to reveal why. It’s pretty marvellous, a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Outside of a tight circle of friends and family, this is the first time he’s spoken about the demise of a band he founded in Nineteen.

Please note: In 2019 the Bar moved to Traverssikuja, 3 due renovations. He’s off booze and cigarettes, he says – a breathtaking achievement for someone who used to light up so compulsively he’d have sucked down two at a time if he had another mouth, and for whom arriving at interviews with a sack of beers was a common occurrence. “The work never stops and it’s very hard for you to say no because the next step could be The One, so you do all the dinners with important people, you chase the rainbow, but when does it end?”. But I like them. Photographer John McMurtrie is currently taking what could be Metal Hammer magazine’s last ever pictures of Ville Hermanni Valo: a man who, as the founding frontman, visionary and creative force behind His Infernal Majesty, has graced these pages more times than this 31-year-old publication could easily count. Maybe that’s the golden cage dilemma – it’s beautiful, but it’s still a cage.”. HIM is dead and vocalist Ville Valo is about to reveal why. We’re still cracking jokes – all that great stuff is there, but the creative spirit, the need to… ah, what’s the word… Fuck it, I haven’t been speaking English in ages. Given the gravity of it all, he seems surprisingly casual about it. Instead, relief was taken in plastic bottles as well as in bowls that were then left outside the door for the janitor to dispose of. “Although I suspect that’s not going to happen. Weitere Ideen zu Finnisch, Rock, Band. For someone who in 2003 was on the verge of becoming one of the most glamorous and instantly recognisable faces in the world represented by this magazine, Ville Valo took no shame in living like a schlub. In the list of his favorite places you will find many bars, restaurant and venues. He says he wants to be in fighting shape for the final tour, and he’s as matter-of-fact about HIM’s conclusion as most people are about a trip to the shops. Bath ville valo him himband him2000 him2001 ville valo 2000 ville valo 2001 heartagram HIM in … Ha ha ha! If Venus Doom was the crystallisation of Ville’s darkest point, then 2010’s Screamworks: Love In Theory And Practice was when the pendulum swung too far the other way. It’s a fitting scene, because at this very moment at Murder Mile Studios, deep in the bowels of Walthamstow in East London, there’s a world that really is coming to an end. This he did while smoking 100 cigarettes a day, a habit that continued for some years. Required fields are marked *. “My hopes are that this album will sell more than Michael Jackson’s Thriller and then I’ll be able to buy [Jackson’s ranch] Neverland and live in an oxygen tent with [pet primate] Bubbles,” Ville deadpanned at the time.

We completed the pattern, solved the puzzle and turned the key. Talking about the weather with the guys, or discussing old songs? The first time Kerrang! One. clapped eyes on Ville Valo, we were smitten. I’m a little sad we didn’t blow up, though – maybe I wanted it all to be more dramatic,” he finishes, letting out his trademark, vampiric giggle. Ville Valo ( HIM ) Interview after Helldone 29.12.2012. I love Helsinki and I love Finland, and the fact that I’m away from here for six months every year means that I never tire of the city. Now, like an indifferent god, he wants nothing more to do with it.

1 As we expected last year , the new project by Ville Valo finally arrived, or at least part of it.

[Guitarist] Linde Lindstrom and I have known each other since we were seven.

The Kabuki is a very good restaurant, but I didn’t go after Aki (the founder and owner, Yoshiaki “Aki” Takayama) died. Summer 2001: We meet singer Ville Valo at an autograph session in Berlin. One of the two rooms of the Kaurismaki brothers, the other is the Moskova bar. Much of what he’s said about recent events has been framed in the context of relationships, and it appears he needs closure before he can comfortably embark on anything new, though he leaves no doubt as to the prospect of new music and new adventures. “We did a couple of gigs with the new drummer and we tried jamming maybe two new songs, but it sounded like shit. I said to the guys, ‘You never know what’s going to happen, but there’s a reason for us doing this now.’ We might have done this 10 years earlier but that’s a Finnish thing, wanting to reach the logical end. Thank you.’. “People can’t help but stare when Ville Valo walks past,” wrote a somewhat breathless Paul Brannigan in 2003 for the occasion of HIM’s first Kerrang!

As well as entering the German album charts at number one, Love Metal would (eventually) also find an audience in the United Kingdom. The restaurant itself has not undergone changes and today it is frequented by many people, especially young people. In the interview, he talks about his fans, his image as a sex symbol, his first job in his father’s shop, his girlfriend and tattoos. Receive news and offers from our other brands? There’s a giddiness in his voice when he describes the prospect of stepping outside of the Heartagram’s shadow and redefining expectations and stepping out of his comfort zone. It’s too dark to tell, but as he disappears down the stairs of the Tube, it’s easy to imagine he’s smiling. It read: ‘After quarter of a century [sic] of Love and Metal intertwined we sincerely feel HIM has run its unnatural course and adieus must be said in order to make way for sights, scents and sounds yet unexplored.

On a cold night in February of 2017, the current lineup of HIM gathered at a pub near their Helsinki rehearsal room and decided to conclude a 26-year engagement that had resulted in countless tours and more than ten million records sold. And it worked. Changing industry times and a mixed reaction to HIM’s eighth album certainly didn’t help matters, either. We took this list from a 2013 interview with Ilta Sanomat. It became almost a way of life for the band’s growing legion of diehard fans, many of whom would proudly display their eternal love with ‘heartagram’ tattoos. By now Ville himself was sufficiently famous in his home city that an interview with this reporter in 2003 was hijacked by a Finnish journalist and a photographer who spied us in a rooftop bar and decided to muscle in and chance their arms. A wolf howls… OK, just kidding. 53,300+ views. “When we came back and did Tears On Tape in 2013, we’d been having some tough times – with the labels, blah blah, all the stuff bands go through. Ville Valo, Soundtrack: Transformers. I was the guy who forcefully tried to get us a new drummer and try one last time.”. Kelly Osbourne, daughter of Ozzy, bought 10 copies of Love Metal for distribution among her friends, some of whom had the band’s logo tattooed upon their person. Ville Valo 2013 interview “Cold Hands Seduction” dvd Sonic Seducer. Coming from a band that has been such a creative constant, it left both industry and fans alike scratching their heads and wondering if their final tour would yield answers to the burning question: what the hell happened? Exhausted from the tour undertaken in support of their third album, Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights, HIM had actually toyed with the idea of disbanding. Ukko-Munkki has been active in Helsinki since 1954. Tears On Tape was a great moment for us but people didn’t like it. Before the concert Ville Valo & Esa Pulliainen gave interview for radio Suomipop, Juuso ja Tinni Show. Ville Valo’s story wouldn’t be so remarkable if it wasn’t so unlikely, and close observers might agree that of all the possible ways HIM may have come to an end, an amicable agreement and a farewell tour is probably the best possible outcome because Ville Valo survived. All rights reserved. It is, in short, a shameless attempt to get you in bed.”.

We’re sitting in a dimly lit room now, reflecting on times gone by and admiring the low-flying clouds as they tumble through the colour-saturated sky outside to the sound of whistling wind. This was back in the early spring of 2003. Following the release and rapturous response to Love Metal in 2003, the Heartagram – drawn by Ville’s own hand – started appearing everywhere: on shirts, on jackets, on skin and, finally, on massive backdrops as the venues grew and their fame reached ever-more dizzying heights with the records and endless touring that followed. I was depressed and if nobody’s telling you to stop then shit’s gonna break,” he says. Looked back on today, HIM’s fourth album heralded the arrival of a different kind of groove. All I can do is write a few ditties and see how life works, and maybe I just need to stick a couple of new holes in my belt and eat a bit less rice every day, but I like the challenge. “There were no tears.

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