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where does bigfoot live

Bigfoot-like creatures are spotted all around the world. There are sightings south of the border in Mexico. There are sightings south of the border in Mexico. If all these different animals are being forced to relocate, why not Bigfoot as well. Most hairy humanoid creatures found below Kentucky and east of Eastern Texas are considered Skunk or Swamp Apes. You might think the eastern part of the United States would be an unlikely place to find Bigfoot. Is it possible that as our technology increases and our population grows Bigfoot sightings will become more common? Eric Dockett (author) from USA on November 29, 2013: Good point, donotfear. Some suggest that “the Sasquatch are ‘slick opportunists’ in that they know instinctively where and when certain fruits ripen, crops mature, the salmon run, birds nest and the herds calve.” So let’s not project the desires/needs of MAN onto an animal. Early Native Americans believed that Bigfoot was a spiritual creature. | Historical Accounts of Bigfoot Settlements. Many Bigfoot researchers believe that this range is a Sasquatch super highway, trekked annually by these creatures as they follow seasonal food sources. Some cryptozoologists attempt to explain the evolution of Bigfoot with an idea called Bigfoot-Giganto Theory. Eric Dockett (author) from USA on January 10, 2013: Thanks tngolfplayer. So, where is Bigfoot? Native Americans believed in Bigfoot long before the Europeans came to north America. Big footprints = Bigfoot, I guess. It makes sense, as this could be considered part of the Pacific Northwest Sasquatch habitat. This fantastic map from Josh Stevens plots 3,313 Bigfoot sightings between 1921 and 2013. Some witnesses claim they observed army helicopters airlifting massive dead bodies away from the smoking landscape. The abductor was like an old man. A lost city of Sasquatch?! Most karst/limestone caves dot the Appalachians, the Ohio valley, the Ozarks, and the Florida Lime Sinks: all top regions for Sasquatch sightings (see map above). The Bigfoot mystery has existed for hundreds of years in different countries around the world. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, (Image credit: Karl Tate, Life's Little Mysteries). amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "bigfootbase-20"; What Kind of Setting Would Bigfoot Require? Researchers also hold monthly Bigfoot night hikes and creature weekends in the park. Maybe one or two, but I don’t think that tree dwellings make sense. I think I'd out the Fouke Monster in the Skunk Ape category though. Deep in the dense southern swamps, it’s certainly at least conceivable that such a creature could make its home. Bears can comfortably scale a branchless pine tree with a nifty set of claws, but what would a Sasquatch do in that situation? Muchalat Harry was a Nootka indian reportedly abducted by Sasquatch. Let’s get started with the simple question and answer session: Where does Bigfoot live? As my encounter was very specific and detailed. This could be due to Bigfoot having an easier time finding human-free areas in Alaska than it does in other parts of North America. The family stood over Ostman chattering away in their own language. In this region, he’s often referred to as Sasquatch. Just have a open mind and a sense of humor. Not only does it need shelter but it will presumably need enough space for a family as well. 'Garden of the gods' in Illinois' Shawnee National Forest. When Ostman crawled from the bag he discovered three more of these beings: a young boy & girl, and an old female. I first thought it reminded me of my dad’s male German Shepherd dog. Topping the list of basic needs, the need for water should place them at all times within a few miles of a known source, likely an area that is dependable. I think they move from place to place, as food is available in different localities. Let’s get started with the simple question and answer session: Where does Bigfoot live? Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. It could also mean that Alaska offers the best chance of finding fossil evidence of Sasquatch and a real link to its evolution. T. he sun has set and the moon is illuminating the night sky. Bigfoot has been sighted in every state and province in North America. No squirrels bounding. Whether Bigfoot evolved from some other massive ape species, or it’s a hominid closely related to humans, it seems, like us, to have an uncanny ability to adapt to a wide range of habitats and climates. It escaped soon after. Ltshears, Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons. These creatures contrast the hulking, barrel-chested brutes of the Pacific Northwest. If Bigfoot is truly a flesh and blood animal of sorts, as most Sasquatch investigators/researchers suggest; then it makes perfect sense for them to struggle with climate warming along with other documented acknowledged species. My dog sniffed the air, straining forward to follow a scent. All around us were silent trees. Bigfoot has been sighted thousands of times; however, we are sure there are more. they are there NOW i am sure as i do not go through there anymore .all usuall signs at ends of paths, 2 foot wide tree broke about 6-7 feet up at beginning of path on trailer park side going in , the whole shortcut is only 100 foot long maybe ?really not alot woods they need i have noticed .as long as growth is at max they blend rite in . Wow I thought, what was that, too big to be a deer, no bear in Illinois?!! Often, though, bears are said to make up 70 to 80 percent of “Bigfoot” sightings. There he canoed forty-five miles down ice-cold, winter rivers. St. Helens in Washington. The group brought no harm, but poked and analyzed him out of pure curiosity. A lot of people wonder why, if Bigfoot is real, a hunter has never shot one. I live in Onalaska, Wisconsin. Likely, when food opportunities arise, Sasquatch wander to distant areas and make temporary settlement. Drift Peak and surrounding mountains in Colorado's Tenmile Range. According to most mainstream scientists due to climate change many different types of animal species are being forced to relocate from their natural habitats. Perhaps they stay in that general area for a few days, or weeks to gather food for a cache and move on to the next spot. My theory is that they are nomadic. Bigfoot encounters are reported all across North America, and the big guy is seen in all kinds of different climates and geographic regions. But down in Florida you won’t find Sasquatch. Even though there are plenty of hunters, if Bigfoot exists we have to think it is a pretty sharp critter and knows well enough to stay out of their way. It really is the best state for Bigfoot to see and be seen. But many Skunk Ape sightings are most definitely not of a chimp. Having said that, I will leave that reality for you to ponder and another post to debate on. On the other hand, there are plenty of Bigfoot sightings by hunters in the Northeast and other parts of the country. Some believe that David Thompson was the first to discover Bigfoot in 1811 when he found a set of his footprints. Many believe that Bigfoot is vegetarian while others believe that he is a meat and plant eater. (Image credit: Creative Commons | Wayne L. Bart). Or, the area may simply be too cold for the species. they come down from game lands in middle summer months when foliage is at its peak , then they leave area sept or oct . Annette Thomas from Northeast Texas on November 27, 2013: You forgot to mention the Boggy Creek Monster in Fouke, AR. A lot of people overlook states outside of the Pacific Northwest as prime Bigfoot habitats. When the sun rose, Muchalat Harry was able to understand his surroundings. What is Bigfoot? JUMP TO… Where Does Bigfoot Live in the U.S. & Canada? I wonder how they deal with him! Bigfoot has many nicknames including Jacko, Jingera, Monkey Man, Old Skunky Bill, Rugaru, Tree Men, Windego, Wigidokowok, and Yeti (its Himilayan cousin), among many others. Why? (Image credit: Creative Commons | Daniel Schwen). Terrified, Muchalat Harry noted around twenty Bigfoot of all shapes and sizes. (Image credit: Creative Commons | MDuchek ). Eric Dockett (author) from USA on September 03, 2017: @James - I think there are some intriguing reasons to conclude a North American ape may exists, but we need conclusive evidence. Bigfoot is everywhere, from the stark and frozen north to the hot and swampy south. to help us. maybe they came to study us. A perfect choice for a longterm Bigfoot home, no doubt. Deep in the woods, a group of hunters are seated around a campfire. and super special with mind controlling abilities. There are also psuedokarst caves, which are most often lava tubes. Just about everyone these days carries around a cell phone with a camera and a video recorder, and we’re already seeing an increase in Bigfoot evidence. Three weeks passed before he regained his health, still mentally shaken by his incredible ordeal. We hope that answers your question. There is DNA evidence to date to prove that Bigfoot exists. forest. He is also often referred to as Sasquatch. Asked by Wiki User. Estimating population size is beyond speculative. These creatures aren’t dumb. Zoos would be falling over each other to become the first to have a Bigfoot display, and biologists would be poking and prodding any captured specimen in a clumsy attempt to gather more information.

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